All I can say is WOW!  What a great time!  I would first off like to thank everyone who came out to play with me...Maryanne, Ed, Terry, Barbra, Joan and Iris.  We had 7 musicians for our first time out and it was fantastic.  The spread for the musicians was delicious.  Great stage, plenty of food and drink on the house and such an appreciatve and enthusiastic staff and audience made this better than I could have hoped for.

People heard us from the street came in, sat down and stayed the entire time....people left the bar down the road to come sit and listen to us.  I can't wait to see how things get going once we become more established.

And more great news!  The session for this Sunday, the 25th is a GO!  I had 3 confirmed yays and 1 maybe when I left yesterday from musicians who were there.  However, I think they are all predominantly whistle players so PLEASE...Fiddlers, pipers, box players...who ever you are, please try to make it down.

There were lots of photos taken by staff and musicians so I would ask that if you have them, please email them to me so I can put them here on the web page and get our photo gallery more representative of the talent that I saw yesterday.  Nobody wants to look at pictures of just me.

I will not be playing this Sunday so please email me info as to who attended and what went on so I can post it next week.  Look forward to seeing everyone on May1st for the grand opening and the session on May 2nd.