Welcome to our Blog.  This is the first posting and all are encouraged to blog about their experiences at our session and to ask questions.

This Sunday is a GO!  Again 1-5pm.  The following Sunday, the 25th is up in the air.  Myself and another core musician, Ed Saults, have prior commitments.  So please, if you would like to play, please let me know so I can see if there will be enough musicians (minimum of 3) to hold a session.  If we can get three people definitely playing, the session will go on.  Please check this blog before attending to see if the session will be taking place onthe 25th.

ALSO on May 1st, Grace O Malley's is having their grand opening and ribbon cutting.  Myself, Ed Saults and Maryanne Ford will be playing at this event from 4-6pm aswell as pipers, step dancers, etc.  It should be a fun afternoon so please come out and support it.

That following Sunday, May 2nd, we are trying to get a feel as to who may be coming to that session aswell.  Again, please contact me if you are interested.  This is a new session so it will take some time to get it up and running consistently.  Please be patient and persistent!

I look forward to seeing all the new faces and playing great tunes with everyone this weekend!